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Coral Springs Skin Care and Non-Surgical Rejuvenation

Botox® Cosmetic

Are you concerned about deepening frown lines between the eyes? Have you noticed wrinkles appearing on the forehead, between or at the corners of the eyes? Then the non- invasive BOTOX® Cosmetic procedure may be just right for you. BOTOX® Cosmetic is the most widely known, FDA approved and accepted treatment to diminish these problems. This procedure is performed in our South Florida office by Dr. Tatiana Pestana and Dr. Ivo D. Pestana.

The cosmetic form of botulinum toxin, often referred to by its product name BOTOX® Cosmetic, is a popular non-surgical injection that temporarily reduces or eliminates frown lines, forehead creases and crows feet near the eyes. The agent blocks nerve impulses temporarily paralyzing the muscles that cause wrinkles while giving the skin a smoother, more refreshed appearance. At times, BOTOX may not be enough to adequately conceal deeper lines. In these cases, dermal fillers or surgery can often be used as well.
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Have you begun to notice wrinkles on your face or around your lips that you would like to diminish? Have your lips begun to lose plumpness and volume? If so, then treatment with Restylane® may offer the solution you are looking for. In the Coral Springs and South Florida region, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ivo D. Pestana offers injections with Restylane® which will give you a smoother and more youthful appearance.

Restylane® is a dermal filler used to restore volume and fullness for moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. Dr. Pestana’s patients find that the benefits of Restylane® are visible immediately and result in a natural enhancement which is gentle and safe to your skin. The longevity of Restylane® depends on your individual metabolism, but in general, lasts from 4 or 6 months to about 18 months. Since Restylane® is not permanent, it gives you the option of modifying your treatment later on to maintain or change the result you are seeking.

During your consultation, Dr. Pestana will discuss with you which of the fillers is best suited to fulfill your needs.
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Juvéderm® Injectable Gel

In Coral Springs and South Florida, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ivo D. Pestana brings his skill and experience to each treatment when performing his Juvéderm® Injectable Gel procedures. Dr. Pestana eases Juvéderm® Injectable Gel under the skin to instantly restore your skin’s volume. Juvéderm® Injectable will smooth away facial wrinkles and folds, like your smile lines” or “parentheses” (the creases that run from the bottom of your nose to the corners of your mouth). Juvéderm® Injectable Gel provides a smooth, natural look and feel, and is particularly effective for lip enhancement. Juvéderm® Injectable Gel can help you look younger and more relaxed instantly and without surgery.

Juvéderm® Injectable Gel treatments usually take about 15 minutes with virtually no recuperation time.

During your consultation, Dr. Pestana will discuss with you which of the fillers is best suited to fulfill your needs.
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Prevelle™ Silk

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ivo Pestana brings his training, judgment and experience to each patient when determining if Prevelle™ Silk will be the most effective non-invasive facial procedure for you. Smoothing away wrinkles, lines and skin folds using Prevelle™ Silk treatment can help to give you a more youthful, relaxed and vibrant appearance.

Prevelle™ Silk is a colorless hyaluronic acid gel that contains a small quantity of a local anesthetic to provide pain relief at the injection site. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the human body, which moisturizes (hydrates) and cushions the skin. Prevelle™ Silk is naturally broken down by your body over time.

During your consultation, Dr. Pestana will discuss with you which of the fillers is best suited to fulfill your needs.
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With Radiesse®, Dr. Pestana has helped his patients to achieve outcomes using this non-invasive procedure which are both exciting and long lasting.

Patients of Dr. Pestana in the South Florida region find that Radiesse® effectively diminishes the vertical lines that can form around the lips and the horizontal lines across the forehead. Radiesse® can also create or restore fuller lips with greater volume and definition. Radiesse® treats stubborn wrinkles such as the furrow between the eyebrows, as well as the lines that can run from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth, creases that normally could only be treated with face or brow lifts. Radiesse® dermal filler is the ideal choice for total facial contouring. It can restore a healthy, youthful appearance, enhance your existing features, and increase your confidence – all without invasive surgery or scarring.

During your consultation, Dr. Pestana will discuss with you which of the fillers is best suited to fulfill your needs.
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Chemical Peels, Dermabrasion & Other Non-Invasive Procedures

Dr. Pestana performs many types of non-invasive skin procedures that can improve the youthfulness, vitality and appearance of your skin. Some of these options include fractional non-ablative laser resurfacing, photofacials and IPL skin rejuvenation. If you are not ready for a surgical procedure, many of these treatments may fullfill your expectations for improvement without surgery, and they require little or no down time for people “on the go.” During your free consultation with Dr. Pestana he will work with you to carefully determine which procedure will be most effective and appropriate to your specific needs, and help to give you the best and most natural result.
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Fractional Laser Resurfacing

At his office in Coral Springs, Dr. Pestana offers the latest in skin resurfacing techniques. Fractional laser skin resurfacing offers superior results with virtually no down time. The fractional non-ablative approach stimulates quick healing, leaving the epidermis intact, with no lasting redness.

You may want to consider fractional laser skin resurfacing if you have fine or coarse wrinkles of the skin, if you have uneven skin surface as a result of scarring acne or small skin growths, or if you have areas of hyperpigmentation (age spots). Following fractional laser skin rejuvenation your skin should have a smoother, more youthful appearance with more uniform color, and a healthy-looking glow.

We are pleased to announce that the Palomar Lux 1540 non-ablative fractional laser, was recently FDA approved for use on striae!   Both Dr. Ivo Pestana and Dr. Tatiana Pestana are using this laser in our office, and will be happy discuss this therapy with you!

Striae is the medical term for stretch marks that often occur:

  • During and after pregnancy
  • After massive weight gain or loss
  • Rapid growth spurts
  • Various medical conditions

Clinical research studies  have  shown that patients treated with the Lux1540 achieved an average improvement of between 51% and 75% in the appearance of their striae, based on a blinded review of photographs comparing the pre-treatment appearance of striae versus the results three months post-treatment. Reports from private plastic surgeons in Europe and the United States have supported these findings, and the patients have been happy with their results.  The most significant is that these patients report  major improvement, without major time commitment, down-time, or pain.

With this FDA clearance,  it clearly expands the broad range of treatments offered by the Lux1540, which may be used for non-ablative skin resurfacing, as well as to treat surgical scars, acne scars, melasma, and now stretch marks.

We would be happy to discuss the treatment options available to you with this laser therapy, either as a monotherapy for candidate striae, or in conjunction with a tummy-tuck or mini-tummy-tuck.
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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is an increasingly popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Dr. Pestana offers this treatment at his practice in Coral Springs, Florida, which uses the light energy from a laser to allow large and small areas of the body to be treated at one time.
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Spider Vein Treatment

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ivo Pestana uses laser treatment to improve spider veins and broken vessels that commonly appear on legs and facial areas. During laser treatment with either Dr. Ivo Pestana or Dr. Tatiana Pestana, a laser is applied to the skin over your spider veins. Laser energy causes your spider veins to coagulate and shrink. Laser therapy is most effective for small and medium size spider veins.
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Alpha-Hydroxy Acid Peels

For patients that want to have a structured program for reduction of minor wrinkles and blemishes of the face, Dr. Ivo D. Pestana and Dr. Tatiana A. Pestana can often use mild acids derived from natural products such as glycolic acid, to improve the overall look and feel of the skin. These mild chemical peels are performed in Dr. Pestana’s Coral Springs office, and will allow you to have a treatment and go back to work right away. Drs. Ivo D. and Tatiana  A. Pestana will be happy to discuss the details of these refreshing peels during your consultation.
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T.C.A. Peels

When a patient needs a deeper peeling for improvement of fine facial creases and generalized sun damage, the trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peels are often a good choice. These treatments require a few days of recovery as your skin renews itself. Drs.  Ivo D. and Tatiana A. Pestana will be happy to discuss in depth, the treatment most appropriate for your needs during your free consultation.
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ZO Medical Therapeutic Skin Care

Available only through physician guidance, Drs. Ivo and Tatiana Pestana added ZO Medical to your skin care options. Developed by Dr. Zein Obagi, ZO Medical products are ideal for patients with more serious or chronic skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation, severe acne, and UV/sun damage. These high-potency, prescription-strength formulas are suitable for most skin types and provide options to treat a broad range of conditions safely and effectively.

Are you looking for at-home skincare products you can trust to safely improve skin tone and texture while protecting your skin from further damage? ZO Medical offers clinically proven, time-tested solutions that visibly repair and rejuvenate skin, improve discoloration, and resolve acne-related blemishes. Because ZO Medical products are designed to better penetrate the skin’s surface, they are typically more effective than over-the-counter options. Drs. Ivo D. and Tatiana A. Pestana will help you choose the best Zo Medical system for your unique skincare needs.

Arbonne International Products

Many patients ask Dr. Tatiana for recommendations on natural skin care and dietary products to help them reach their wellness goals. In researching products in stores, Dr. Tatiana found that she could not find many products on the market that she could trust to recommend to her patients. Then she found Arbonne.  

Arbonne International is a company that creates botanical skincare, cosmetics, bath products, and dietary supplements that are pure, safe, and beneficial.  Arbonne products are gluten-free, and vegan formulated, and they are never tested on animals.  All of Arbonne’s products are formulated without talc, tallow, carbon black, animal products or animal by-products, formaldehyde-donating preservatives, phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, alkyl phenols, benzene, monoethanolamine, triclosan, synthetic dyes, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, cholesterol, or trans-fats.  Arbonne has a strict purity and safety ingredient policy and abides by the rules of a multitude of international governing bodies for the safety and regulation of  its products.  

For this reason, Dr. Tatiana has has aligned herself with Arbonne, and has chosen to recommend Arbonne products in her practice.  Of course, there are numerous other options available to her patients in the marketplace, but Arbonne products adhere to standards put forth by the United States FDA and other stricter regulatory bodies, and thus, Dr. Tatiana feels confident that when her patients purchase Arbonne products, they are getting what they pay for. If you would like more information about these products, please ask Dr. Tatiana at your next visit, or visit her Independent Consultant website.  

On this website, you may learn more about the myriad of products available and choose to purchase products either as a client, a preferred client, or an independent consultant.

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